When and why should I use a consulting company?

If your not sure of some of the answers to the above questions or you answered primarily NO you may need a consultant. In many cases, a business will reap benefits from hiring a consultant that are much more valuable than the consultant’s fees. Increased productivity and larger profit margins through optimal implementation of cutting edge information technology can be realized; and it all begins with your decision to employ the services of an experienced consultant.

There are a lot of small businesses that don't fully understand what a Computer Consultant is and when or why they should use one. More often than not, your company will reap much more in savings by using the right consultant than his/her fee is. Many small businesses are missing out on a substantial saving on their outlay for computer related goods and services as well as increased productivity, increased profits and accelerated growth.

Often a business will buy a computer for invoices, letter writing or other word processing. The problem is that they invested in a computer system with a few software applications, and they are only utilizing one or two programs. This isn't a very good return on their investment considering how much more productive their information technology services could be.

A well-chosen computer consultant has the expertise to assess your present needs. A computer consultant will know what computers, printers, POS equipment, scanners and software will best maximize your business's productivity. In a sense, a consultant can create a "technical road map" of where you are and where you intend to go. Not only will you be best poised for your current situation, but you will also be ready to continue along in future growth and upgrades without sacrificing your present investment.

A consultant will make sure that your staff realizes the full potential of your software. They can print invoices or paychecks, but they also store and retrieve data that helps them to be more effective. Today, most productivity applications have very advanced features, scripting or programming capability, macros and add-ons to enhance what they do. All too often in today's business's we find staff using the minimum of utilities in today's software while they could be taking advantage of all the new, rich features that would greatly expedite the office process.

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