Phatt & Happies

What is Phatt & Happies?

Phatt & Happies is a video e-mail system that takes photos of you with your family and friends. These photos can then be sent directly to an e-mail address of your choosing. Phatt & Happies will take four (4) photos, of those, you will select one in which you would like to send to your e-mail.

Article for the Greenville Daily Advocate
Featured in Daily Advocate - July 2000

NEW PARIS- Sending e-mails during vacation has just gotten easier. A computer programmer from Programming And Micros, a company in New Paris, has helped create Phatt and Happies.
What is Phatt and Happies?

According to Kurtis R. Bright, the programmer, it is a machine which allows customers to take a picture of themselves while on vacation and send it via e-mail to a loved one or friend. "I think it might become a hit," Bright said with a laugh.

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So when Rick Sharf asked for help with his project, Bright was more than willing. Bright, a consultant who earned an associate of systems engineering from Edison State Community College in 1999, spent more than three months writing the programs installed in Phatt and Happies.

"Rick Sharf thought of the idea, but didn't know how to make it reality," Bright said. "With our help he now has a sample of his creation." Sharf, who is from central Ohio, is trying to get his new creation placed at amusement parks, malls and beaches nationwide.

"He decided that teenagers would be the most likely to us it," Bright explained. So how does the machine work?
The machine is enclosed in a giant, 150 pound fiberglass shell shaped like a person. In the center is a touch-screen and camera lens. After inserting $1 bill, the camera takes four photographs of the customer, which can then be e-mailed. Customers can add a short message to their photo.

"It's a pretty basic concept," Bright said.
But writing the program wasn't so basic, he added. "I've been working on it for three months and I'm still finishing it up," Bright said. "The toughest part was figuring out how to get the camera to take four pictures."

In order to do the program, Bright spent a lot of time researching. "I have never done anything like this before," Bright said. "I didn't know where to start." However this is all behind him now. "It works," concluded Bright. Only time will tell if it sells, and if it does, Ohio might gain a place in history.


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