Web Page Design by PAM

Using current state of the art design tools, Programming And Micros will design a web site that presents your business in a style that you desire. The web site will be submitted to the most popular search engines and others of your personal choice. Once the site is completed, we can provide ongoing maintenance or you can take advantage of our staff training option. If you decide on the latter, we can train your staff to keep your web site current with up to date information.

Since every business web site is a reflection of the business itself, it is important to us that our clients are content with the appearance of the sites we design for them. Input from the customer is essential in order to create a successful web site.

In addition, we do custom graphics for all your web and business needs. We will help you incorporate high quality, fast loading images into your web page at no additional cost to you. We have the tools and talent to scan your existing images or can even take new pictures of your business, products and facilities. We even do logo design and custom graphics for new businesses too.

But we don't stop there, with our experienced and professionally trained staff we can tie an existing database into your web site. We have the capability to set your business up to sell your merchandise over the internet. With e-commerce, companies can now do financial business on the Internet 24 hours-a-day, all year round. E-commerce allows you to not only display your product / services on the Internet, but also perform real-time sales online. In essence you will be able to display your product / services over the Web make an online sale with credit card transactions approved in 15-20 seconds, with your bank getting the amount credited to your account instantly. Not only that, you can even conduct banking online from the web.

Web Hosting
We can provide Domain name registration, Web Site setup, access to disk space, monthly data transfer, web trend reporting, e-mail accounts, active server pages, Microsoft FrontPage compatibility, unlimited design changes, shopping cart solutions, database driven web sites, streaming media support created for Window's Media Player, online credit card processing, and much more.

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