We specialize in a wide range of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses.

Protecting Data Before Google Was Born

Programming And Micros started in 1995. Google wasn't even a thing until 1999! We started as a computer consulting company, and honed our expertise in network administration, hardware, and software support. Over the years, our evolution led us to a specialized focus in the medical industry, where we provided a comprehensive array of services to medical office clients. Because of the stringent demands associated with medical data and security, demand grew for our services in a variety of business sectors with similar requirements. Today, collaborating with esteemed national and international partners, we deliver top-notch products that align with most small and medium size business needs, all at a budget-friendly cost. Our dedication to the medical community enabled us to uncover invaluable tools, seamlessly integrated for our valued customers across a much broader bandwidth. Join us in discovering innovation tailored just for you.


Remote Support
We'll provide your company remote support, just give us a call!

Managed Services
Simple Flat Monthly Fee based on type and number of computers.

Network Administration
Diagnose and fix network issues, network bottlenecks and improve network security.

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